Background and Purpose

Axia Kindergarten is the second private kindergarten opened in Craiova city. Axia opened its doors on the 1st of September, in the first year of activity having only one class of preschoolers. In time the kindergarten was expanded to work with more groups, one on each age level, as it works in the present.

Kindergarten name “Axia” was not randomly chosen, "AXIA" in ancient Greek meaning "value" valuable ​​being the education sent in our kindergarten, and valuable being children educated here.

The main purpose of Kindergarten Axia is socialization, education and training of children in a more attractive learning environment, cultivating their skills and abilities required for integrating them into society.

Preschool period is the most intensive phase of responsiveness, mobility and mental possibilities, a period of life with remarkable progress in all areas. Now all basic adaptive behaviors are being formed, as well as the most important intellectual and creative structures - including sociability, behavioral characteristics, emotional – volitional reactions etc.

The preschooler crosses over this knowledge stage by expanding its contact with the social and cultural environment out of which assimilates models of life that allow and lead more active integration into the human condition.

In Axia kindergarten: