Is Axia Kindergarten an authorized / accredited educational institution?
Kindergarten Axia functions since 2003 and is authorized by M.E.C.T.S.

What documents are required for enrollment in kindergarten?

What a child must have in the backpack?
We ask you that in every child's personal backpack should be:

When entering kindergarten, the child will need to have indoor shoes without laces with names written on them.

How can I help my child to adjust? Children may have different approaches regarding accommodation. Kindergarten teachers with years of experience in this field will handle the child and you can leave while the child is preoccupied, or you can firmly say 'goodbye, see you at X'. In both cases it is very important to keep your promise to return in time because the 5 minutes is far too long for a child in the process of adjustment. If a child cannot be successfully calm down, we will immediately call you at your emergency number.

Can children bring toys at the kindergarten?
During the adaptation process, a child may bring a "comfort" toy to help him throughout this journey. Generally we discourage kids who want to bring toys, jewelry and various other items at kindergarten because they can be very dangerous, can be lost or deteriorated. The kindergarten is not responsible for the loss or damage to such items.

If a child is still wearing diapers, can come to kindergarten?
We accept this, considering the pampers renunciation as an integrating part of personal, social and emotional area. We recommend a certain communication and consistency with the parental environment essential in all this process.